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Save Remington Woods


What is it?

Can you imagine New York City without Central Park? Now imagine a forest in the middle of Bridgeport and Stratford disappearing. That is the threat to Bridgeport and Stratford and its unique forest known as Remington Woods.

At about half the size of New York's Central Park, Remington Woods is a 422-acre forest in the heart of one of the most densely populated urban centers in the Northeast. This unique parcel of land encompasses a 23-acre lake, hardwood forest, meadows and wetlands including vernal pools.

A whopping 344 acres lie within the borders of Bridgeport and the remaining 78 acres lie within Stratford. Virtually undisturbed since colonial times, Remington Woods is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem -- a large, isolated, contiguous, natural, urban wildlife preserve where Eastern wood turtles, night heron, sparrow hawks, wood ducks, raptors, turkey vultures, amphibians, fresh-water fish, fox, raccoons, deer, and coyote make their home.

So the question is, will we treasure this life enhancing forest gem, or throw it away? It can be the key to Bridgeport’s soul. It can be the essence of Bridgeport’s rebirth and an asset for all of Fairfield County! Or we can throw it away and it can become tomorrow’s urban blight.

Currently Dupont owns the property, and it is closed to the public while they clean up munitions from previous use, and plan for its ultimate fate.

Why Save the Woods?

We need Remington Woods to become a protected forest community, of interacting plants and animals, a wildlife preserve, with walking paths for people’s enhancement and health. This living forest community freely offers needed benefits to us all.

Fairfield county has the least forested area in the state. Destroying Remington Woods would be a tragic and irreplaceable loss. Forest provides a much-needed wildlife sanctuary. Deforestation leaves no place for wildlife to go.

A forest community provides real needed benefits to the surrounding human community 24/7 for free. It cleans water and air, cools air, calms winds, provides habitat and food for wildlife, protects from floods, gives oxygen, holds carbon, reduces global warming. It increases property values, lowers electrical rates. It helps combat global climate destruction, pollution and deforestation.

It offers both physical and mental health benefits. The area has high air pollution. Asthma rates are lower around wooded lands. It can lower the stresses of urban living. From a relaxing walk to a profound connection with Nature, experiencing forest enhances life. Children who spend time in forests are more equipped to succeed at life.

Forests protect and sustain us. If we use it up and destroy it, we destroy ourselves. Look at global climate destruction and urban blight. People travel to experience such a forest. Why shouldn't Bridgeport and Stratford benefit from this Forest community?

What are the threats?

Dupont is in talks with Bridgeport and Stratford government officials, including Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. They propose to build a large unneeded commercial / industrial complex that would destroy the woods and build unnecessary buildings.

Dupont’s proposal would necessitate the development of a four-lane highway from I-95 north to the site. Building a highway will require multiple steps, such as satisfying Federal Highway Environmental Justice standards. It will cost taxpayers astronomical sums and it will take many years to realize. Most employees would be white collar workers from the suburbs and their commuter traffic hours will put unconscionable stress on I-95 and on Bridgeport’s high air pollution and health problems.

The area has an over-abundance of empty commercial and industrial buildings. An enlightened approach should be a Win Win Win for Bridgeport and Stratford. Save the Forest, use existing empty buildings for new enterprise, and improve the city and create jobs by refurbishing its older buildings.

Dupont’s proposal would require expensive infrastructure, and wipe out the life-giving benefits of the Woods. It would increase pollution, and create the urban blight of the future.

The vision of a forest community and wildlife preserve is priceless. There are no trade-offs because there are better, greener and more community-based ways to increase employment opportunities. A protected Remington Woods will bring new life to the region and leave a legacy of life for future generations.

What can you do?

The Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club presented the City Council with a 1,000 signature petition advocating saving the Woods, in 2017. Our aim was to persuade those involved to take a green, enlightened approach.

Open talk of industrial development of Remington Woods has been limited. If you hear anything about this, please report it here. Become an activist for your community and family. Likewise, we will keep you informed of any news we gather on the topic.

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