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Public Comments Due on July 7th
Add Your Name to Make the Capitol Area System 100% Clean & Renewable

Samantha Dynowski

Summer 2023

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Since the State of Connecticut purchased the Capitol Area System (CAS) in October of 2022, we’ve been sharing information with you about this aging, polluting system and the opportunity to make it 100% clean and renewable. Now, the state is asking for public comments. Please help Connecticut make the right choice with the Capitol Area System by adding your name to the list of residents urging the State of Connecticut to pursue a 100% clean and renewable upgrade for the CAS. 


The Capitol Area System Central Plant, located at 490 Capitol Avenue in Hartford, is one of the oldest polluting fossil fuel facilities in the state. The Central Plant has a history of emitting harmful pollution with impacts felt by the local community and to the climate. Recently, it stopped generating electricity for the grid, but still runs to supply steam and chilled water to heat and cool over a dozen buildings in Hartford including the CT Office of Policy and Management, the CT Supreme Court, State Library, Appellate Court, Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), the State Office Building, the Bushnell, and more.


Now – when upgrades are needed – is the time for the State of Connecticut to lead by example and fully decarbonize the Capitol Area System by transitioning to 100% clean and renewable options. New fossil fuel systems put in place now will run for decades and are incompatible with the emissions reductions necessary to mitigate climate change. A 100% clean and renewable upgrade of the Capitol Area System also follows the intent of Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 21-3. 


We’re asking the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to:


  • Align with Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 21-3 which calls for DEEP and DAS to develop a plan to retrofit existing fossil fuel-based heating and cooling systems at state buildings to systems capable of being operated without carbon emitting fuels. 

  • Develop a decarbonization plan for the Capitol Area System using 100% all-electric, clean and renewable technologies such as networked geothermal, electric boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal technology,and thermal storage technology. 

  • Protect public health and the climate by rejecting fossil fuel infrastructure, and continued use of fossil fuels or use so-called “cleaner fuels”.

  • Develop a robust outreach and education plan for the community.

  • Require contractors that prioritize Hartford residents in their workforce and ensure that training is available for Hartford residents to access jobs associated with this project. 


Add your name and consider adding a personal comment. Personal comments do make a difference.


As always, thank you!


Samantha Dynowski is State Director of Sierra Club Connecticut.


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