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Clean Up the State Owned Power Plant
Part 2

Carly Densem

November 2022

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Hello Readers,

This is Carly, the intern from the Sierra Club again. Following up on my article in last month’s newsletter about the state’s purchase of the CDECCA power plant located on Capitol Ave in Downtown Hartford, I wanted to comment on the article and op-ed by Dr. Mark Mitchell published in the Hartford Courant recently.   


It still stands that Governor Lamont has not responded to the issue involving CDECCA. This is surprising to me since in 2021 Governor Lamont issued Executive Order 21-3 which calls for the state to plan to retrofit existing fossil fuel-based heating and cooling systems at state buildings to systems capable of being operated without carbon-emitting fuels. Since CDECCA is aging and in need of replacement, now is the time to plan to transition this plant and the buildings it serves to 100% clean and renewable energy. As of now, CDECCA is heating and cooling eighteen buildings including government buildings, the Bushnell Performing Arts Center, and an apartment complex. 


On November 1st the Sierra Club, alongside community organizations, hosted a rally in front of CDECCA where Dr. Mitchell; Tenaya Taylor, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Accountability Group; and Nancy Bowden from 350CT spoke on the plant. The rally was successful in getting the attention of passers-by along with those in the neighborhood, coming out of their homes, curious about what we were doing. Personally, it was my first rally and I found it very invigorating to get out and stand up for what I and many others believe – which is clean and renewable resources for Hartford. I hope that many of you reading this may join us next time!


As Dr. Mitchell highlighted in the op-ed, CDECCA’s pollution is an environmental injustice to the residents of Hartford, which is one of the 100 most challenging places in the US to live with asthma. On top of that, the state purchase of CDECCA will impact Hartford’s tax revenues. 


If this issue bothers you just like it does me, you can send a message to Governor Lamont to take action. Just head over to our campaign to take action now. Any and all support is appreciated! 



Carly Densem

Carly Densem is an intern at Sierra Club Connecticut.

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