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Wildlife Committee Update

June 2020

Kathleen Magner

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Wildlife Committee Update (3).jpg

As you may have heard, on Wednesday, May 6, the state legislative leadership in the Senate and the House convened briefly to adjourn the 2020 session. The bond package the legislature approved on March 11 was the only piece of legislation that passed and was signed by Governor Lamont.

The Wildlife Committee remains resolved to passing meaningful and much needed legislation to protect wildlife, and presented testimony on several wildlife-related bills (see those campaigns on the newly created Sierra Club Connecticut Wildlife webpage). Going forward, we will be sharing ways to continue gaining support and momentum to achieve these goals.

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In the meantime, if you’re a fan of the Sierra Club Connecticut’s Facebook page, you might have seen some of the Wildlife Committee’s posts. Since we’re in a time of social distancing, many people have been spending more time outdoors and experiencing a renewed sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world.

The Wildlife Committee is periodically sharing on Facebook some of the amazing species that call Connecticut home, some more common than others. Recent posts have featured the Mudpuppy (top right photo), the Timber Rattlesnake (top left photo), and the Cooper’s Hawk (bottom photo). 

The posts also include some wildlife-friendly tips at the end. So be sure to bookmark our Facebook page. We welcome your comments and hope that you will “like” and “share” our posts.

The more time you take to look and observe nature all around us, the more you will see and learn. Due to habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, pollution and other stresses, the protection of wildlife remains more important than ever. Please email us to find out how you can help or be added to our wildlife issues mailing list. Thank you!

Kathleen Magner is Sierra Club Connecticut’s Wildlife Committee Chair.

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