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Introducing Sierra Club Connecticut's Wildlife Committee

Kathleen Magner

The start of each year is an ideal time to open ourselves to new and meaningful opportunities. One way (which we hope you will consider joining us in) is helping to make the state of Connecticut a better home for not only ourselves, but also for the many other species that live here (and internationally) and are dependent on us for their survival. From protecting disappearing habitats and species threatened with extinction to ending inhumane practices, your support for wildlife-related issues is vital. There are some critical changes that need to be made in our state.

Do you know that in Connecticut that there still exists:

  • The use of leghold and body-crushing traps, resulting in many animals being caught and suffering agonizing deaths.

  • Shark finning, a fishing method that targets sharks, removes their fins, and dumps the living shark back into the ocean. 

  • A lack of legislation for educational initiatives to inform the public regarding non-lethal ways to co-exist with wildlife including conflict prevention and policies based on respect for the natural world.

  • Loopholes in state law that allow for wildlife trafficking in the sale and trade of animal parts, such as ivory and rhinoceros horn -- all in the face of the global poaching crisis.

Introducing SC CT's Wildlife Committee.j

Because of these and other pressing issues, Sierra Club Connecticut is pleased to announce the development of a Wildlife Committee focused on the protection of Connecticut’s rich and remarkably diverse range of species, as well as migratory and international wildlife. With your help, the Committee will advocate for their welfare, habitat, movement corridors, and biodiversity by:


  • Protecting and promoting wildlife-friendly legislation

  • Providing comments on such legislation

  • Working with other Sierra Club Connecticut committees and building partnerships with organizations, legislators, groups and individuals

  • Initiating and supporting educational outreach


E-mail the Wildlife Committee to find out more or get involved! We look forward to engaging you with ways to to be a voice for wildlife, especially as we head into the next session of the Connecticut legislature. It is vital that constituents reach out to their state representatives when wildlife-related bills are proposed. 


By working together, we can make our world a better place for all living beings.

Kathleen Magner is a Sierra Club member and Chair of the Wildlife Committee. 

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