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What Are You Up To?

March 2024

What are you up to?

How are you celebrating or protecting the environment in our state? Share with us what you are up to and what is important to you!

George shared some items of interest from the Torrington Conservation Commission:

A program that Nate from Torrington Land Use Department helped create: Amphibian Migrations And Road Crossings


And an update on their waste management: “I think Woodburys pilot program is the way to go. Recycling and Sustainable Material Management is key. As a community and state we need to eliminate landfills that emit greenhouse gases along with the situation that we are running out of options to locate. It is also not feasible to build a waste to energy plant that also emits greenhouse gases and toxic emissions that seem to always be located in or near a low income area. Both mentioned above solutions help solve our Climate Crisis also. We should learn from Woodbury and take any suggestions they have to offer so we can initiate a program of our own sooner than later.”

Jessica shared opposition to some developments in Newtown on wetlands:

The Newtown Conservation Coalition is working to save two important pieces of land from being developed in sensitive areas. One is a meadow owned by the town near Deep Brook, which is one of only seven areas designated as a Class 1 natural Wild Trout Management Areas in Connecticut. We are trying to stop Newtown and the Economic and Community Development Commission from selling this piece of land to developers. We are also looking to stop or modify the application for the largest cluster home development in town history. This development would be among wetlands, vernal pools, and uphill of Taunton Pond and would have an adverse effect on the wildlife (including a pair of bald eagles that returns to nest each year) and the local ecosystem. We’ve had great local turnout at public meetings, and if any Newtown residents want to join us, follow Newtown Conservation Coalition.

unnamed - 2024-03-01T204455.105.jpg

Image: The meadow near Deep Brook from the Coalition to Preserve Newtown

If you have environmental news to share for the next newsletter, please email Jessica.

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