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What the Frack?!

Jennifer Siskind

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What the Frack.png

Study of 363 known fracking chemicals, Colborn, et al 2011      Graphic: Physicians for Social Responsibility - LA

Call to Action!

Call your state senator working in Hartford and tell them, Pass SB 753 A State-wide Ban on Fracking Waste. It’s a really good bill that will protect ALL of Connecticut. Please ignore the lobbyists who want to weaken this bill and add changes that cancel out or preempt local laws passed by citizens and leaders in 56 Connecticut towns. Please leave my town’s ban alone, in case there are attempts to roll back state protections in the future. We need strong leadership from you.”

About Senate Bill 753 (SB 753)

SB 753 will prevent waste from Pennsylvania or other states from being imported into Connecticut. It will protect all of Connecticut waters and prevent toxic, radioactive waste from being partially treated and discharged into Connecticut rivers and Long Island Sound.

This senate bill is needed to prevent more damage caused by fracking; waterways and freshwater mussels are now radioactive in Pennsylvania. It will ban adding waste to construction fill, since it can be contaminated and unstable causing it to slip prematurely or shift under heavy weight. This is not a good option for our roads, buildings or town budgets in Connecticut.  Oil and gas well brine also needs to be banned because of its toxic qualities. Researchers and state agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio are aware it is radioactive with radium and contaminated with lead. Radium in fracking waste is a known cause of breast, liver and bone cancers and is associated with childhood leukemia. Please spread the word and ask family and friends to call, too.


Call your Representative:

Senate Democrats 1-800-842-1420 Senator Republicans  1-800-842-1421

House Democrats  1-800-842-1902 House Republicans     1-800-842-1423

Pass Senate Bill 753 a state-wide fracking waste ban. Do not change it to weaken or add “preemption.”

Jennifer Siskind is a member of Sierra Club Connecticut and Local Coordinator with Food & Water Watch.

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