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Two Spring Poems

Vince Jennetta


Songs of Spring

Friday, May 8, 2020



Woods are filled

With the songs of Spring

Every tree

You can hear them sing


Trills and cries

To the waking morn

Boasting claims

Lusty warning scorns


Honking barks 

Of the pairing geese

Larks fair notes

Put my soul at peace


Downy raps

Echoing out far

Joyous tunes

That ring familiar


Piercing screech

From the circling hawk

Red-winged black

With their liquid talk


Spry catbird

With his raspy mew

Mourning dove

And her gentle coo


Crows keen caw

Chickadee dee dee

Swift swifts swoosh

Oh lovely phoebe


Ceaseless chat

Sweet angelic song

Sit and listen

I could all day long

May Be Folly

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Polar vortex

Roarous wind

Swaying branches

Forest din


Panicked ducklings

Barking geese

Streaking ripples

Shattered peace


Darting martins

Racing clouds

Sun gone silent

Nature loud


Stunted bud tip

Piercing cold

May be folly

Harm untold


Raucous rumble

Swirling sprite

Shiver waiting

Warming light

Vince Jennetta is a Sierra Club member.



Photo: Daffodil and snow

Photo credit: Flickr - Janet Ramsden

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