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Two Poems

Vince Jennetta

Blinding Sun

Reflecting pond

Chilling gusts

Decaying fronds


Freshest scents

Rustling sounds

White-streaked sky

Leaf-strewn ground


Season’s change

Passage time

Maker’s reasons

Ageless rhyme


Spectrum caster

Warmth aglow

Face turned upward

Grace bestow


Rock of ages

Wings so frail

Nature’s promise

Ours to fail


Seasons cycle

Winds of change

Truth in action

Not so strange


Dry stalk grasses

Soggy ground

Earth’s condition

Clues abound


Creature comforts

All life seeks

Hold the power

Defend the weak


Daily turnings

Yearlong path

Arc unbroken

Through joy and wrath


What happens happens

What will will be

Escape unlikely

Yet all are free


Editor’s Note: 

Warning: The following poem and photo following the poem may be too graphic for some of our readers.


A Note from the Author: 

[This poem] is a reaction to a disturbing sight I encountered recently while walking my dog near my home on a quiet road in Burlington.  A very large and very old egg-laden female snapping turtle was run over while trying to cross the road. She was likely looking for a spot to lay her eggs across the road from a small pond. She would have been moving quite slowly, and given her size, any vehicle operator would have clearly seen her at a distance.  I was taken aback by the violence with which this creature was met. It moved me to write the following:


Crushed carcass

Gobs of shell and innards

Glued in violent disarray

To the sickly slick pavement

A palette of reds and pinks and yellows

Like a surrealist painting

A tribute

To our utter ambivalence

Or worse

Our joyous cruelty

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