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Stepping Forward: Remington Woods Update

Jhoni Ada

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When playing a game, everyone knows that anything can happen. This too could be said for our pursuit for the preservation and protection of Remington Woods, and the infinite game that we are engaging in as Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter. 


On November 16th, the Bridgeport Planning & Zoning Committee held a public hearing where over 100 people showed up to give comments on the proposed zoning maps for Bridgeport. There was an overwhelming dissent for any plans to develop the woods. 


Residents expressed concerns about the global climate crisis and the effects that they are experiencing in their backyards: unpredictable storms, severe storm weather, and unprecedented levels of rainfall. 


Many residents who live near the woods spoke about the impacts that they have experienced because of the trees that have already been cut down in the woods, and how flooding has damaged their cars, homes, basements, and appliances. 


Alongside residents were laypeople, students, legislators, activists, from various towns, cities, and constituencies that understand the ramifications of developing Remington Woods. The meeting was extended to November 17th, where we heard continued dissent for any development in Remington Woods. 


Thank you to all who were able to attend the November 16 and 17 call. Your voice and your presence make a difference as we continue forward on our journey to #SaveRemingtonWoods


Quick Snippet of New Happenings: 


  • November 13:  A press conference held and organized by Councilwoman Maria Pereira yielded a letter of support for Remington Woods to be considered for the status of state park from Senator Blumenthal. 

  • November 14: Mayor Ganim attended the  26th UN Climate Change Summit. According to an article written by Brian Lockhart: “The mayor said his participation was organized through the United States Conference of Mayors and stressed the importance that locally elected officials like him play in achieving global goals through municipal policy making. “‘For us, understanding this and being a part of it is essential,’ Ganim said in the brief interview. ‘There is a role here and we have to raise our heads’ (Ganim Jets In Scotland For UN Climate Summit). 


Feel free to email me for any questions and concerns in this journey.


Jhoni Ada is Sierra Club Connecticut’s Community Outreach Coordinator on the Save Remington Woods project in Bridgeport, along with other outreach and projects within the city and Fairfield County.

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