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A Big Need for Political Action on the Shoreline

Marina Dixon

Bad news on the shoreline: There are federal efforts to drill for fossil fuels on the Atlantic Coast. The use of fossil fuels is correlated to the acceleration of climate change, which causes rising sea levels on our coasts. Plastics are making their way into the ocean and onto our beaches, disrupting the lives of the animals living here. We need to stop the destruction to our shoreline communities from global warming, drilling off our shores and overuse of plastics.

Among the Sierra Club members on the shoreline, there are many who know, or could get to know, the legislators, congresswomen/men and senators who represent us when these issues come up. We need to make connections with the

A Big Need for Political Action on the S

politicians who represent our communities. To do that, we need people to volunteer for the Shoreline Group Political Committee to help our Group Political Chair, Sue Petit. If you live in the shoreline towns from Branford to Old Saybrook, or inland a bit from North Branford to Chester, you can help. Please let us know if you can volunteer. Contact Sue with the Shoreline Group here.


Marina Dixon is Communications Chair of the Shoreline Group, Sierra Club Connecticut and one of our youngest leaders, in high school.

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