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September 2023 Photo Journal

October 2023

Sierra Club Military Outdoors stand-up paddle board outing led by Ann Gadwah

September 8, 2023

unnamed - 2023-10-05T180542.417.jpg

Honk for Climate Action rally in West Hartford

September 9, 2023

unnamed - 2023-10-05T180548.879.jpg

Sierra Club table at Common Grounds in Washington

September 10, 2023

unnamed - 2023-10-05T180554.534.jpg

Sierra Club table at Deep River Day. We were visited by State Representative Christine Palm!

September 16, 2023

unnamed - 2023-10-05T180600.032.jpg

March to End Fossil Fuels. CT Chapter Organizer Alycia Jenkins carrying the Sierra Club banner at the March to End Fossil Fuels. Photo by Camila Duarte Rojas

September 17, 2023

unnamed - 2023-10-05T180606.414.jpg

Send in your pictures and reflections from Sierra Club events and campaigns you’re involved in! Email Jessica.

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