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Watch: Sierra Club Connecticut on Youtube

April 2023

Your Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter is defending everyone’s right to clean air, clean water, access to nature and a liveable planet. Watch our volunteers and staff talk about this work in our series of videos. You can watch each video below or check out Sierra Club Connecticut's 50th Anniversary Video Playlist and if you haven’t already, subscribe to Sierra Club Connecticut's YouTube Channel.

Samantha Dynowski, State Director

Everyone's Right to a Healthy World

unnamed (31).png

Ann Gadwah, Organizer 

Powerful Together

unnamed (28).png

Jhoni Ada, Organizer

Protecting Fairfield County’s Only Urban Forest

unnamed (30).png

Alycia Jenkins, Organizer

Energy Burden

unnamed (29).png

Art Helmus, Executive Committee Member and Legislative Chair 

Legislative Expertise

unnamed (27).png

State Representative David Michel

An Incredible Partner at the Capitol

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