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Reflecting on Our Remington Woods Journey
A Year of Gratitude

Jhoni Ada

February 2024

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Dear Save Remington Woods Supporters and Friends,


2023 was a transformative year – we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible support, dedication, and hard work that each of you has poured into the Remington Woods campaign. Together, we've achieved remarkable milestones that lay the foundation for a brighter, greener future.

Celebrating Our Nature Explorers:


A special shout-out to Reginald Fortcolin of Aspetuck Land Trust, whose unwavering commitment to getting folks out into nature has been inspiring. Our successful birdwatching outings were a testament to the joy and wonder that exploring the outdoors can bring. Reginald, your efforts have radically expanded access to marginalized communities to the beauty of green spaces and connected their experiences with the conservation of Remington Woods, fostering a deep appreciation for the diverse ecosystems it holds.

A Turning Point with Corteva:


Corteva communicated their preference for a long-term conservation plan over a development plan in a momentous development. The news that the eco-business park is officially off the table is a cause for celebration. This shift aligns with our shared vision for a preserved and protected Remington Woods, ensuring it remains a sanctuary for future generations. We are humbled by the possibilities that open up because of their declaration and their willingness to favorably consider a long-term conservation plan. 

Ending the Year on a High Note:


Our 2023 efforts have been nothing short of phenomenal. The petition garnered nearly 2,000 signatures, each representing a voice echoing the desire to conserve this vital piece of Fairfield County. Remington Woods, often referred to as Fairfield County's Last Lung, holds immense significance. It's not just about clean air; it's about providing access to green spaces and offering our children the chance to bird-watch, explore, and connect with nature.

A Glimpse of Success:


The breathtaking sight of a bald eagle bathing at Lake Success in Remington Woods during a Corteva-led community tour in October was a poignant reminder of why our fight matters. We are standing up for the air we breathe, the green spaces we cherish, and the homes of our wildlife.


Since turning the page in 2023, our momentum has continued in 2024: 



  • January has been filled with training. We believe that spending time to equip volunteers with tools and resources will ensure that they feel empowered to successfully lead initiatives and projects.

  • Corteva indicated its willingness to remove its eco-business park plan from the table and instead consider a long-term conservation plan in collaboration with federal government agencies. This is a significant step forward means we get to plan a pivot for our campaign to ensure that our community can see the preservation of this invaluable urban forest.




To celebrate our exciting progress, we're planning a friendly petition delivery event on Valentine's Day by the Corteva Lake Success Office in Bridgeport. Over the past few years, we've gathered thousands of signatures from Connecticut residents who are passionate about seeing Remington Woods protected and conserved. On February 14, we want to commemorate the community's support and express our gratitude to Corteva for their commitment to preserving the woods!


We're expecting the attendance of some of the amazing supporters of this campaign. Be a part of the petition delivery. We're also sending out one final call for signatures, personal comments, and stories. If you haven't already added your stories or comments to our petition, now is the time


Together, we'll build on this positive energy, pushing for a future where Remington Woods stands as a beacon of conservation and community well-being.


Thank you for your unwavering support, and here's to a new year filled with promise and progress!

Upcoming events: 

Important Dates:


💗February 8th: Please join us for a pre-delivery virtual meeting. Feb 8 Pre-Delivery Virtual Meeting Registration Link 


💗February 14th: We deliver our petitions! Let us know if you'll be joining-  Feb 14 Valentine's Day Petition Delivery Registration Link and Details 


Ways to Support This Conservation Campaign: 

  • SIGN OUR PETITION! This is the perfect way to support our campaign and stay engaged. We are on track to reaching our goal of 2,000 signatures by the end of the year! Share the petition with your friends and family members. Every voice, signature, and story makes a huge impact on our ability to see this forest saved and reclaimed by our local community. 

  • Follow our Campaign on Facebook for updates and outing opportunities! 

  • Interested in Volunteering? Email to learn about all the ways you can plug in and receive weekly updates on volunteer opportunities! 

Jhoni Ada is Sierra Club Connecticut’s Community Outreach Coordinator on the Save Remington Woods project in Bridgeport, along with other outreach and projects within the city and Fairfield County.

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