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Protests In Four States To Stop Project Maple! 

Martha Klein

Winter 2023

The opposition to Enbridge's proposed fracked gas expansion plan in the Northeast, the so-called "Project Maple", started with a tremendous show of unity and resistance. Protests were held in one week in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, all states that will be impacted by construction of Project Maple. 

unnamed - 2023-12-01T133712.860.jpg

Rally in Pomfret, CT

Photo: Rally in Hartford, CT

Photo: Rally in New York

Photo: Rally in Rhode Island

Photo: Rally in Massachusetts

This proposal to enlarge a fracked gas interstate pipeline is unnecessary, will subvert the needed transition to a renewable energy powered economy, will accelerate climate change, and will continue to make energy unaffordable for the most vulnerable. Over 90 climate justice and environmental organizations signed and submitted a letter to the governors and environmental agencies of the four states, stating our unified opposition to further fracked gas expansion in the Northeast. Expanding fossil fuel use at this time of climate peril is irresponsible and foolhardy. We intend to block this proposal, to end fracked gas expansion in our region, and to compel elected officials and agency leaders to remove caps on clean energy and allow the renewable energy economy to flourish. 


To join the campaign to Stop Project Maple, please contact Nick or Martha.

Martha Klein, R.N. is a nurse and Beyond Gas Lead Volunteer for Sierra Club Connecticut. 


For more information on Project Maple, check out an article from last month’s newsletter: Yet Another Proposed Fracked Gas Expansion In Connecticut

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