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Political Committee Seeks New Members

May 2022

It’s campaign season again! All of our State Representative and Senator positions are up for election this November. Help Sierra Club Connecticut in their endorsement process!


This is an opportunity to meet the candidates and help select those who best support our environmental and justice goals!


Contact Susan if you are interested in learning more!


Job Responsibilities:

  • The political committee chair organizes a chapter political committee which is responsible for identifying and supporting candidates for public office who are expected to best represent the goals of the Sierra Club on environmental issues and legislation. The chair is responsible for ensuring compliance with Sierra Club electoral policy and compliance with state and federal election laws.

  • The committee assembles information on candidates through review of legislative records, questionnaires, interviews, past Sierra Club contact, assessment of the campaign, and information of members. The committee makes recommendations and may serve as one of the official voting bodies of the chapter required to review and vote on proposed endorsements or other political action short of endorsement.

  • The chair and committee are responsible for preparing materials on federal candidates and recommending endorsements of other activity to the chapter executive committee. 

  • The chair and committee are responsible for preparing materials on state level endorsements, presenting them to the chapter executive committee for approval. The chair is responsible for ensuring that group political committee chairs and volunteer members receive information on compliance with election laws. 

  • The committee sets priorities for chapter effort on endorsed campaigns and assists in training volunteers to participate effectively and coordinate with campaigns, and in all aspects of political action such as fund raising, door-to-door, press releases, and so forth. 

  • The chair serves as liaison to regional and national offices and to group political chairs.

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