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Political Committee Update: The 2018 Election Results

Ann Gadwah

Connecticut’s environment had some huge wins in Connecticut in the 2018 elections. Both Ballot Questions passed easily, proving once again how the environment is a strong voting issue in the state. Environmental champions were re-elected to office and some fantastic newbies will be coming to the General Assembly in 2019. Two-thirds of Sierra Club Connecticut’s legislative candidate endorsements were elected, along with all of our statewide candidate endorsements and all of our federally endorsed candidates - a feat few state chapters were able to achieve! For a full list of election results, please see our Elections 2018.

With a friendly incoming Legislature and Governor, we are hopeful Sierra Club Connecticut's priorities will gain some real traction this year and we will see some significant changes. These could include sharply reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, moving away from fossil fuels and their related infrastructure, investing in renewable energy and electric vehicles and protecting clean air, water and land. As a Sierra Club member and supporter, we know these are your priorities as well. We encourage you to contact your incoming legislators and let them know your views!

Although the political committee has finished its endorsement work for now, we will be busy supporting the legislative committee by helping to identify priorities and lobbying legislators at the Capitol this session. All our endorsees committed to making the environment a priority, and we plan to hold them to it. If interested in helping with this work, please contact Legislative Chair, Angel Serrano at

I once again would like to thank the amazing members of the 2018 Political Committee. This election season was successful because of their hard work and dedication. This work could not have been done without them, and I look forward to continuing our work for many years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the Sierra Club Connecticut Political Committee, please feel free to reach out to me at Thank you and Happy 2019! May it be a great year for our state, our nation and our planet!  

Ann Gadwah is Political Committee Chair, Sierra Club Connecticut.

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