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Political Chair Update 

December 2019

Ann Gadwah

Political Update.jpg

The political committee is gearing up for the 2020 election cycle. We are one of the only Sierra Club state chapters that had the ability to endorse our entire United States House of Representatives delegation in 2018. This is no small thing. We have some great environmental champions here in Connecticut. 


We are beginning our endorsement process: checking records, having important conversations, asking questions, and discussing priorities with 2020 candidates interested in our endorsement this time around. As the need to reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions becomes ever more urgent, we will be looking for folks who are willing to aggressively move us away from fossil fuels, invest in 100% clean and renewable energy, and ensure that the transition is just and equitable.

If you are interested in joining our political committee, please reach out to Ann Gadwah. Look for more updates as we move further into the election cycle, and have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at the political committee!

Ann Gadwah is Chapter Chair and Political Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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