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Poetry Corner: Earth

Geneva Renegar

March 2024

Mountain Lauren lined dirt trails. Autumn leaves yet to decay crackle under my well-worn boots.  I’ve come to commune with the best of myself.  I’d rather here, overlooking wild deer from the rock overlook, look at them leap!  Under the canopy of a large solid Maple tree, limbs outstretched like large protecting fingers. 


Citron colored sunrise, the sun rising over the soft lawn of moss, lichen covered granite stones and boulders. Morning light sunrise awakens all living things, the worm dives down into moist fertile soil, the blue jay cackles with a boisterous greeting, the rooster crows unabashedly.  The deer lumber now out of sight.  Garter snakes slither from their beds and I am perfectly aligned with the Northern star now dimming. The citron sky warms the steel damp from my bones.  I sit quietly. I sit mindfully. Aware and Awake. I am peace, I am wholly me.

Geneva Renegar is a Sierra Club Guardian Member

unnamed - 2024-04-04T212552.782.jpg

Image: Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel lined trail by Brenda Wiley CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

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