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Poems from Sierra Club Members

October 2020

Poem by Jody Scott Kaplan


The breeze one day

whispered softly

Where are my friends?

Where are the clouds?

The blue skies so brilliant

They invite sunrise to paint

The birds high up dancing

The tales that teach

That tell of the winds of change

The wonders of old

The timelessness of love

and loss

The light that whispers on

through hearts

Kept there like lockets

Tales of yesterday

Stored in the earth's cycles itself

Springs renewal

Falls celebration of change

Of preparation

Winters crystalline gifts

Though chill they warm our hearts

Summer simmers as if a celebration

A song of wandering

Of bounty

Of love found

For what better gifts

Than being at peace

At one with

Seeing the beauty that surrounds

The wind whispered once more

Is love only what we've been told

Than realized

A revelation indeed

It's the gifts that stir our hearts

That center us

Give our breath reach

That totality of being

Not simply in a moment

But intrinsic in its weave

The gifts of first breath

Dreamed realities

Hearts seen


Even the stars in the sky

Than dancing

As the wind sings

Of the gifts

Of unity

Being a part if a tapestry

That bond us all

May we heal


Our dreams be realized

Those cycles of life

Remind of the gifts

When we raise each other up

Carry each forward

As if we share one heart

Beating as one

In unity in our challenges

In our celebrations

My hopes for us moving on

Regardless of where we've come from

That we may walk together

For one another

Those hearts resonating as one


Poem by Jody Scott Kaplan

What narrative would you write?

What would you cast upon the sea?

What would you set free?

Where would your thoughts wander?

For few envision the steps we walk.

Yet the paths are windows.

To both our soul and beyond.

The narrative we soon realize.

Is more of we then I.

It's more of balance.

Of our dance of light.

For its energy has reach.

That which our hearts carry forward.

Cast upon the sea.

Perhaps the kiss of a breeze.

The light of a smile.

The gift of hope.

The blessing of our connections.


When we realize energy is boundless.

Its limits often our reluctance to see.

One is often we.


Jody Kaplan is the Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut’s Shoreline Group.

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