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Outings Report

Kayaking on Lake Williams

Renee Taylor

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Varying northwesterly winds 6-12 mph greeted our trio on arrival June 23rd in Lebanon at the town owned carry in boat launch on Rte. 207 to access the lovely Lake Williams.


Dragonflies and monarch butterflies kept us company and swallows swooped overhead as we kept to the eastern shore enjoying the calmer lee of islands we passed while paddling northward through occasional unexpected gusts near 20 mph when in open water.  Other than a couple power boats and two fisherman seeking wild wide mouthed bass, we had the lake to ourselves.  


2½ miles later, we made our way across the north shore of this 250 acre, partially developed, man made lake.  There we entered a long curving cove full of white water lilies in bloom and yellow ones still budding. Purple thistle growing in the water along with groves of setum sprouting from red stemmed feathers underwater were everywhere.  Huge rambling white azalea in full bloom dotted the woodland shore.


There a lone great blue heron in the far back slowly lifted and lazily glided across his quiet haven before an osprey buzzed us overhead.


Exiting that cove we noticed winds were slightly less as well as the gusts.  Since we were also running before them along the western shore, we had an easier time coasting along. 


Another visit we’ll inspect the several islands dotting the lake more closely, but on this day they were merely wind cover.  We scooted into any cove for a break on the return leg. A family of geese drifted by us as we approached the launch along with a power boat that had a large golden retriever sitting tall on the bow.  Once on shore, we dined at the cozy Roberto’s Log Cabin restaurant nearby.


Wind and weather permitting, our next outing is Essex Cove and Nott Island on Saturday, August 10th. 


Renee Taylor is a Sierra Club Connecticut Outings Leader.

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