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The Shoreline Group Has a New Chair

Marina Dixon

shoreline_chair (1).jpg

A couple of years ago, Jody Kaplan, the new chair of the Shoreline Group, kayaked and camped around Prince William Sound in Alaska. He sighted a variety of animals including a wolverine, baby eagles, and mountain goats. He also encountered grizzly tracks and some scrapes on a tree but decided he did not need to see the animal responsible for those markings.

Jody has always appreciated the beauty of nature, plants and oceans especially. When asked why, he answers, “There’s an attraction to seeing how we connect to things and the beauty that surrounds us, from seasons at play to the winds whispering to us. They enchant us and need to be observed and appreciated.”

Jody has joined the Sierra Club because he agrees with the values and ideals that the club embraces and has taken on the responsibilities as chair of the Shoreline Group to implement those ideals in Connecticut’s shoreline communities.

We generally meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Starbucks on Boston Post Road in  Madison at 6:30pm. Come join us at our next meeting on October 10.

Marina Dixon is Communications Chair, Shoreline Group, CT Chapter Sierra Club.

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