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Nature Inspired Art + Poetry

September 2023

unnamed - 2023-08-31T192512.994.jpg

Photo credit: Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

A Poem by Jody Kaplan

Natures canvas

Hearts frame it

Minds filter it

We position ourselves

As if outside it

As if beside it

As if above it

Yet Natures canvas

Is a sea

We swim in

Lose it

We lose self

Our future perilous

The shear beauty

Lost to future generations


Need careful

Loving hands

Hearts reflecting

Minds caring

Our view

From within

Not from a far

But a place

Of nurture

Of preservation

Of hope

Of resolve


Jody Kaplan is the Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut’s Shoreline Group.


If you would like to send in any of your nature inspired poems, photos, art, writing, etc, for the Quinnehtukqut, please submit them to Jessica.

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