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Support the Work of Sierra Club Connecticut by Becoming a Monthly Donor 

Helen Applebaum

Out of the almost 50,000 Connecticut residents who regularly receive information about Sierra Club Connecticut and our monthly newsletter, we have 30 important monthly donors. Monthly donors  pledge to a certain donation amount each month. 

 Why the need for monthly donors?

It’s a commitment. It is you saying to your chapter that you understand the work we do is everyday, and you’re behind us. Even $5 a month helps us to reach our goals. It also provides a revenue stream we know we can rely on.

Consider our 125+ years of history. Think how our voices are engaged and active. Know that our impact is high as we work on climate, land and water, and policy.

On climate, we oppose a new power plant in Killingly, seek the end of fossil fuel dependency, work to implement energy efficiency and renewable power, and demand clean transportation.

Regarding land and water, we seek to Save Remington Woods from becoming a business park and instead to protect and preserve it for the enjoyment of the residents of Stratford and Bridgeport, because woods like these don’t appear out of nowhere and must be preserved.

The Scantic River is being tested for bacteria that might include E. coli. We want you to know whether it is safe to swim and fish. We must safeguard our watersheds for clean water. The Farmington and Housatonic Rivers had toxic spills this year. Chemicals seep into the groundwater. Is your water safe to drink?

On policy we encourage grassroots action through phone calls, emails, and letters to our elected officials; we interview and endorse candidates running for office based on their environmental record; we provide effective lobbying on bills before the legislature; we train individuals how to lobby and promote equity and justice.

To do all that with one paid staff member and the rest of the labor provided by volunteers only, is an amazing feat.

Won’t you help us achieve your goals and ours for our planet? Please don’t stop sending in your regular contributions, but please do add or begin a monthly donation.

Become a Wilderness Guardian and support local environmental change. You can do it the old fashioned way by printing, filling out and sending in our Connecticut Donor Card, or sign up online.

Helen Applebaum is lead Volunteer for advancement and a member of Sierra Club Connecticut Executive Committee.

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