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Ready for 100 Update

Diane Lentakis

During these challenging times, we hope you are taking the necessary precautions that we are constantly reminded of throughout each day.


Many of us have had to adjust to working from home and Sierra Club Connecticut’s Ready for 100 teams are finding creative ways to work. We now have four active teams in West Hartford, Windsor, Stamford, and Milford, and look forward to jump starting teams in Hartford and New Haven in the near future. These teams are working tirelessly to obtain just and equitable, community-wide commitments to transition to 100% clean renewable energy. 

West Hartford’s municipal operations are almost at 100% renewable electricity due to energy efficiency measures and solar installations on various buildings. The Ready for 100 West Hartford team plans to build on this achievement by setting a goal of 100%

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clean renewable energy for the entire town. West Hartford residents can show their support by signing an online petition: West Hartford Is Ready For 100% Clean Renewable Energy.

The Ready for 100 Windsor team has hosted several in-person and virtual events throughout the past year. Their town council discussed the possibility of creating a new energy commission. This team’s members plan to stay in touch with each other and continue their progress via virtual coffee hours and book clubs. In order to support Windsor’s efforts, Windsor residents are invited to sign the following petition: Windsor Climate Action.


Both West Hartford and Windsor are working on their short-term strategic campaign plans which will give them structure as they move forward.


The Ready for 100 Stamford team is excited to announce that it recently expanded as a result of building relationships and recruiting at community events. This team is hosting a virtual community conversation on clean energy, climate change, and community organizing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event will include a guided nature meditation facilitated by our esteemed Stamford team leader and yoga instructor. If all goes well, more virtual events will be scheduled. Stamford residents are encouraged to sign their online petition: URGE THE CITY OF STAMFORD TO TRANSITION TO 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY.


The Ready for 100 Milford team hosted two documentaries. At the last screening, Bernard Pelletier of PACE (People for Clean Energy) gave a very informative presentation on heat pumps. We are looking forward to hosting virtual and in-person events in the near future. In order to move Milford forward in a just and equitable manner, Milford residents are encouraged to sign the following petition: Milford Is Ready For 100% Clean Renewable Energy!


If you are interested in becoming involved...

Not only do the local teams support each other, but National Sierra Club offers many interesting training opportunities that cover a whole range of topics such as outreach and communications.

If you feel like discussing environmental issues or are interested in getting involved, please feel free to reach out through email. All of the Ready for 100 Connecticut teams are looking for more volunteers. Don’t hesitate to contact me and I will point you in the right direction.


Diane Lentakis is Sierra Club Connecticut’s Ready for 100 chair and lead volunteer.


To get involved with the Ready for 100 Committee, email Diane Lentakis.

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