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Legislative Update

Ann Gadwah

February 2023

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Connecticut’s 2023 Legislative Session is in full swing and the Sierra Club is excited that so many good climate and environmental bills have been introduced in the General Assembly so far (see the bills we are following on Sierra Club Connecticut's Legislative Page). The bills cover a range of issues, including wildlife, toxics, waste, housing, and energy. There is a particular group of high priority bills we are working tirelessly at the Capitol to get raised for a public hearing and WE NEED YOUR HELP! 


Some bills have already had a public hearing. We testified in favor of protecting horseshoe crabs from overharvesting (HB 6484), prohibiting intentional release of balloons (HB 6481), and raising transparency and accountability around tree removal in state parks (SB 896). We opposed an inadequate Extended Producer Responsibility for tires bill (HB 6486) and an attempt to weaken the Bottle Bill (SB 895).


Several good bills have been introduced and need to be raised for a public hearing – we need your help! Send a message to your legislators and tell them you want them to co-sponsor the following bills. To really make a big impact, follow up with a phone call. 


Bills that need Co-Sponsors:

HB 5629 - An Act Concerning Energy Efficiency and Electrification in Environmental Justice Communities. 


SB 305 - An Act Concerning Heating Efficiency in New Construction and Major Alternations of Residential Buildings.


HB 6057- An Act Concerning Climate Change Mitigation. 


HB 5570 - An Act Concerning Environmental Justice. 


HB 5795 - An Act Concerning Housing Justice. 


HB 5589 - An Act Concerning the Protection of Public Health from Incineration Pollution. 


HB 5564 - An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Climate Future. 


HB 6397 - An Act Concerning Zero Carbon Emissions. 


HB 5617 - An Act Concerning the Reduction of Single-Use Plastics Waste. 


HB 5276 - An Act Concerning the Lighting of State Owned Buildings for the Protection of Birds. 


HB 5123 - An Act Concerning Use of Certain Animals in Traveling Animal Acts. 


HB 5122 - An Act Prohibiting the Use of Leghold and Body Crushing Traps. 


HB 5160 - An Act Concerning the Habituation of Black Bears. 


HB 6491 - An Act Concerning Emission Standards for Gas-Powered Home Appliances and Establishing a Loan Fund for Replacement of Such Appliances. 


This is the year to get things done in Connecticut. The climate crisis is looming, our waste management practices are ineffective and unjust, and our wildlife needs protection from a variety of threats. It is critical that the legislature take immediate and impactful action. Your citizen advocacy is crucial to put pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing. Please contact them today! 


Ann Gadwah is Advocacy & Outreach Organizer with a focus on our legislative work at the State Capitol.

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