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Legislative Committee Update

Samantha Dynowski and Angel Serrano

You are needed to make a difference in this legislative session!


The 2019 session of the Connecticut General Assembly is off to a promising start for our climate.


On opening day the Speaker of the House, Joe Aresimowicz, called for action on climate change in his address. He introduced House Bill 5002, an act concerning the development of a Green New Deal. A flurry of bills followed from many legislators that, if passed, will put Connecticut on a path to clean energy, reduce our fossil fuel dependence, ban plastics and protect water, land and wildlife. There is no doubt that this legislature is interested in these issues you care about.


This is a great start. But we know that it takes activists like you to turn these bills into laws. Your involvement is what will get these bills over the finish line.


Visit the Sierra Club Connecticut Climate Action Center. You will get up-to-date news from the legislature, and you can take actions like sending messages to your legislators.  


Samantha Dynowski is Chapter Director, Sierra Club Connecticut. Angel Serrano is Legislative Committee Chair, Sierra Club Connecticut.

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