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Sierra Club Connecticut's staff and volunteers advocate before the Connecticut General Assembly to protect the environment and ensure that everyone has the right to a healthy world. Our Legislative Committee is comprised of members who promote new policy, closely follow legislative proposals, and inform and mobilize our members for action. Combining the work of our Legislative Committee with the grassroots support of our members gives us the ability to influence the Connecticut General Assembly to vote in the best interest of the environment, economy and people.

2024 Legislative Priorities

All people deserve equal access to clean air, healthy climate, and a sustainable future. Sierra Club Connecticut is focused on just and equitable approaches to reducing emissions and pollution in our state, and investing in our most vulnerable communities so that everyone can thrive.

Reduce Pollution and Protect Climate and Health

  • Save the climate & save money for Connecticut residents with clean energy - Connecticut must rapidly increase energy efficiency, solar power, battery storage and clean heat for all to reduce pollution and help residents gain energy independence.  

  • Keep Connecticut on track to reduce transportation pollution - Connecticut must quickly pass the Advanced Clean Car II Rule and the Advanced Clean Truck rule and join all our neighboring states and states across the nation to bring the climate, health, and economic benefits of clean cars and trucks to our state. 

  • Strengthen Connecticut’s greenhouse gas law - Connecticut’s Global Warming Solutions Act must be updated to align with the latest science and to ensure our state meets the targets for climate pollution reduction.

Reduce Waste and Incineration

  • Reduce organic waste- Donating and diverting food scraps will reduce Connecticut’s waste stream and toxic pollution from incineration, save money for residents and communities, and create good jobs.

Strengthen Protection from Dangerous Toxic Chemicals 

  • Stop PFAs at the source - Prohibit PFAs in cookware, textiles, cosmetics, and all packaging to reduce human health impacts  and protect water. 

  • Protect Birds and Bees - Connecticut must ban neonicotinoids and rodenticides.

Protect Wildlife

  • Ban steel jaw leghold traps - This action will avoid exposing wildlife to needless suffering and help to  safeguard people and household pets.

  • Promote native plants and prohibit invasive plants - About 42% of the species on the Threatened or Endangered species lists are at risk primarily because of invasive species. Sales of invasive species should be banned, and the State of Connecticut should require state planting of native plants only.

Contact: Samantha Dynowski, or Ann Gadwah,

See activity on bills we are tracking here (bills will begin to be introduced in February 2024):

2023-24 Connecticut General Assembly Information

Visit to: Find Your LegislatorsFind Legislative Leaders, Find Committees, Look up Bills, Track Bills, See the Legislative Calendar of Events

What can you do?

There is a lot you can do, and boy do we need your help! 

  • Get in touch with your state legislators (Senate and House) and let them know exactly how you feel about these bills. Find out who your legislators are and their contact information here.

  • Subscribe to our mailing list here. We will send you up-to-date emails on when and how to act to make sure Connecticut is moving in the right direction!

  • Attend an upcoming event. See our calendar here.

  • For more information, contact Steve Lewis, Legislative Committee Chair at

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