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How You Can Help the Environment at the Ballot Box

Ann Gadwah

Election Day in Connecticut is fast approaching! While most of us are concentrating on which candidates to choose, there are also going to be two important referendum measures on the ballot. These ballot measures will have a significant effect on both the natural environment and a green transportation future here in Connecticut.

Question 1 on the Connecticut ballot concerns the Connecticut Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment. This proposed amendment would prohibit lawmakers from using the state transportation fund for anything other than transportation purposes. As any future improvements in our transportation system and the transition to a truly green transportation system requires guaranteed funds, any future revenue the state collects will need to be secure. We have already seen the General Assembly take $155 million from the Clean Energy fund and put it into the General Fund. The Lockbox Amendment is  imperative to keep transportation funds secure and to prevent any misuse or future raids.

Question 2 on the ballot is the Connecticut Legislative Requirements to Transfer State Properties Amendment. This proposed amendment to the Connecticut State Constitution, if passed by a YES vote, would require a public hearing on bills to authorize the transfer, sale or disposal of state-owned properties to non-state entities, such as state parks, forests and conserved lands; it would also require a two-thirds vote of the Connecticut General Assembly to authorize the transfer, sale or disposal of land under the control of the state agriculture or environmental protection departments. As it stands now, the legislature has no such requirements, and our public land is often given away or swapped for political favors or to increase funds with no input from the public or proper due process. These are the people’s lands, given away without any review or permission from the people.

The Sierra Club of Connecticut supports both these amendments and asks all its members and supporters to please vote YES on both questions on Election Day, November 6, 2018.

Ann Gadwah is Political Committee Chair, Sierra Club Connecticut.

Provided by the Sierra Club Connecticut.  Paid for by Sierra Club Connecticut, Samantha Dynowski, Director.  Additional information about the Sierra Club Connecticut may be found at the State Election Enforcement Commission's website 

How  You Can Help ... at the Ballot Box.
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