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Help Support National Park Proper Funding

Tom Paul

We need to help support U.S. Senate Bill S500 (S.500) for proper funding in order to run our National Parks.  At this time the bill has not been put up for a vote, although 50 senators have co-signed the bill.  We need as many co-signers as possible so the bill will be put up for a vote in the senate. Mitch McConnell is holding many bills waiting to be voted on.  Our senator, Chris Murphy, has not yet co-sponsored the S.500 bill. Please consider calling Senator Murphy and ask him to co-sponsor this bill. His Washington phone number is 202-224-4041.  

Tom Paul is an Executive Committee member of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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Help Support National Park Proper Fundin

Photo: A view of Connecticut hills from the Appalachian Trail.

Photo credit: Edward Faulkner on Flickr

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