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Gratitude for our Earth, Wind and Sun

Helen Applebaum

As I wander among the olive trees and the grapevines of a farm not far from a town in Sicily called Mazara, I cannot help but notice the wind power and solar panels that keep these 800 hectares of land in perfect harmony.


It’s early spring here, but the orchards and the vineyards are ready to burst forth. The beauty and fruitful abundance bring to mind why Sierra Club Connecticut works to preserve, protect and enjoy our land. We do it with the powerful mindfulness of our 126 years as a grassroots organization, with the work done by volunteers and the Chapter entirely supported by you, the public.


Below are a few of my photos from Sicily to remind you why we ask you to champion our causes. Help us achieve our goals. A donation of just $5 a month is a tremendous value to our organization. Not a Sierra Club supporter yet? Go to our secure site to directly support Sierra Club Connecticut!

Helen Applebaum is lead advancement volunteer for Sierra Club Connecticut. Reach her at or at 860.946.9946.

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