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Glastonbury Local Riding Thousands of Kilometers for the Future

Ann Gadwah

What are you doing to fight climate change? Dennis Desmarais is riding his bike from Connecticut to Florida to raise $8,500 for Sierra Club Connecticut. He is slated to cover 2,000 kilometers for his Climate Ride independent challenge to bring attention to climate change and money to an organization that is fighting it. The ride will take place from April 13th through April 20th, 2019, and is designed to raise awareness on how active transportation (biking, walking, or pedaling your kids to school) can fight climate change, as well as increasing public health. Going from Connecticut to Florida in only 8 days will mean that Dennis will have to average 250 kilometers or 155 miles per day, a crazy feat for any cyclist!

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Dennis Desmarais writes, “The urgency of Climate Change demands immediate action, so it’s fair to say that the inaction in DC is insane. That insanity inspired me to do something crazy of my own – an 8 day, 2,000 KM bicycle trip from Connecticut to Florida this April with a goal of raising $8,500 for Sierra Club Connecticut.” He’s already more than halfway to his goal for this ride, and you can help him finish the push by donating here. As challenging as this ride will be, it isn’t his first “crazy” ride. Dennis has already completed seven other similarly difficult rides and raised a total of over $31,000! In 2018, he did 1,000 miles in only five days, setting a pace of 200 miles per day. To reach his goal, he didn’t even have time to stop and take a picture as he passed Niagara Falls.


Eight years ago, Dennis discovered a way to combine his passion for cycling with his goal to take action on climate change – a nonprofit called Climate Ride. After participating in several organized Climate Ride events, last year Dennis decided he would be more successful in raising money and awareness by tackling an Independent Climate Ride challenge of 1,000 miles over 5 days. This year, as a reflection of the increased craziness in DC, Dennis decided to increase the distance of his challenge to over 1,200 miles (or 2,000 KM) and his fundraising goal to $8,500. If you aren’t ready to hop on a bike and join him, you can still support his efforts at:


That fundraising has helped the Sierra Club’s efforts to get people into wilderness in order to form the bonds needed to protect it and to lobby for climate action and clean energy. While Dennis will be doing this ride by himself, he’s joined in spirit by hundreds of other cyclists who each will raise thousands of dollars this year on a Climate Ride. Their money goes to benefit one of more than 100 organizations including National Parks Conservation Association,, Vote Solar, Food and Water Watch, People for Bikes, 1% For the Planet and dozens of active transportation coalitions throughout the U.S.


Climate Ride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that puts together active charitable events to raise money for and awareness of sustainability, environmental causes, public health and active transportation including bicycle advocacy. Dennis will ride approximately 156 miles a day and along the way will see and learn first-hand about how climate change is affecting the East Coast from Glastonbury, CT to Jacksonville, FL. Since 2008, Climate Ride has granted over $5.3 million to sustainability and active transportation nonprofits. Those interested in a multi-day bike ride or hike can register for a Climate Ride event at


If you would like more information about Climate Ride, please visit or email


Dennis is available for interviews leading up to the ride. Please email or call him at 508-282-0305.


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2,000 KM in 8 Days!


Mackenzie Cole is Participant Supporter for Climate Ride.

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