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10 Great Gifts for Gardeners

Michele MacKinnon

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around the corner, it’s time for my second annual gift-giving guide for gardeners. If you need more inspiration, check out last year’s guide for 27 additional ideas. I personally own and use these items or they’ve been recommended by an experienced gardening colleague. I receive no compensation from the authors or product companies listed. Click on the links for detailed information.


Books by Connecticut authors


Books by U.S. authors

Garden Attire

  • Eddie Bauer Guide Pro and Travex pants and shirts—they’re perfect for hot, humid working conditions and they stretch with you; they come out of the wash good as new

  • Foxgloves - as close to working bare-handed as you will find in a form-fitting glove


Garden Products, Gift Plants and Gift Certificates

Michele MacKinnon, is a UCONN Certified Advanced Master Gardener, garden educator and speaker.


To contact MacKinnon regarding current or upcoming speaking engagements or to ask gardening questions, email We’ll publish answers in the next edition of the newsletter.

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