10 Great Gifts for Gardeners

Michele MacKinnon

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around the corner, it’s time for my second annual gift-giving guide for gardeners. If you need more inspiration, check out last year’s guide for 27 additional ideas. I personally own and use these items or they’ve been recommended by an experienced gardening colleague. I receive no compensation from the authors or product companies listed. Click on the links for detailed information.


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Books by U.S. authors

Garden Attire

  • Eddie Bauer Guide Pro and Travex pants and shirts—they’re perfect for hot, humid working conditions and they stretch with you; they come out of the wash good as new

  • Foxgloves - as close to working bare-handed as you will find in a form-fitting glove


Garden Products, Gift Plants and Gift Certificates

Michele MacKinnon, is a UCONN Certified Advanced Master Gardener, garden educator and speaker.


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