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Join Sierra Club National Get Out The Vote Program

Martha Klein

We are in a historic state of emergency. The best defense is to ensure that pro-environment candidates win by landslides so large they can’t be denied. This year, just voting isn’t enough.  Environmentalists should join Sierra Club Independent Action’s national GOTV program.  


Battleground 2020 is designed to build a diverse coalition of members, supporters, and activists. This will be the largest electoral voter outreach program that the Sierra Club has ever built. You can read more about our program at Sierra Club Independent Action. In addition, a recording of the May 9th introduction to the Battleground program is available here: Watch "Our Plan to Win in 2020".


Our program has been designed around individual volunteers. Those interested in participating can sign up and Join our 2020 Volunteer Team.

Join Sierra Club National Get Out The Vo

We have three main teams:

  • Our letter writing team handwrites letters to voters who care about environmental issues but are not consistent voters. Check out our Letter Writing Guide.

  • Our call team is currently calling voters to determine if they are with us in our efforts to defeat Trump. Sign up for a call team training and shift here: Call Team Training & Call Shift.

  • Our text team sends messages to people to remind them to vote and to encourage them to take timely action on issues in their area. You can learn more about texting here: Join Our National Texting Team


Those interested in participating can sign up at!


Martha Klein is a member of the Sierra Club Connecticut Communications Committee and leader of our Beyond Gas Committee.

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