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Fossil Fuel Industry Aims to Take Advantage in Connecticut - We Fight Back!

Samantha Dynowski

March 2024

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There is a better way. But the fossil fuel industry will do anything and everything it can to stop us from clean and renewable energy. It's no secret that the oil industry spent decades hiding the truth about climate change, raising doubts about it, and delaying action. Their public messages may have changed, but their actions show they will intend to drill, frack, and combust fossil fuels until every last drop of profit has been extracted – even if it means the total destruction of the planet.


Here in Connecticut, your Sierra Club is taking on the fossil fuel industry in multiple venues. Our staff and volunteers are hard at work making the case against expansion of fossil fuels and for clean and renewable alternatives. Here’s a rundown of our campaigns to push back against a fossil fuel industry that wants to keep on fracking:


Connecticut Natural Gas/Southern Connecticut Gas (CNG/SNG) rate case: CNG/SNG wants to prolong our state’s dependence on fossil gas by making big investments in gas pipelines, and they want their customers to pay for it. Sierra Club is fighting back. 146 of our members – thank you! – sent written comments urging the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to reject this proposal. Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program is providing expert analysis in this rate case. We propose lower energy costs, cleaner air, and a healthy climate – not more fracked gas. 

Compressor station expansions: Energy corporations TC Energy & Berkshire Hathaway are proposing to pump 125 million cubic feet more fracked gas per day through its pipeline that runs across the towns of Sherman, New Milford, Brookfield, Newtown, Monroe, Shelton, and Milford. The proposal would expand gas compressor stations in Brookfield and Milford. Sierra Club is fighting back. We are supporting local residents organizing against the proposal. Send a message to Governor Lamont to stop this proposal. 

Stop Project Maple: The energy giant Enbridge is once again trying to build a bigger pipeline in Connecticut and expand the current pipeline under a project they are calling Project Maple. Sierra Club is campaigning to Stop Project Maple. The Enbridge pipeline runs through the towns of Danbury, Brookfield, Newtown, Southbury, Oxford, Naugatuck, Waterbury, Cheshire, Glastonbury, Berlin, Southington, Hebron, Andover, Coventry, Mansfield, Eastford, Pomfret, Putnam, and Thompson with major spurs to North Haven and New London. 


Capitol Area System: The Capitol Area System is a former co-generation power plant with a long history of polluting the air in Hartford. It no longer provides electricity to the grid but is still operating fossil fuel turbines to heat and cool state-owned and private buildings in the Capitol area. The State of Connecticut purchased the aging facility in 2022 which requires extensive repair in order to continue serving the buildings along its 2 mile heating and cooling loop. Sierra Club is pressuring the Lamont Administration for a 100% clean and renewable replacement of the Capitol Area System. Send a message to Governor Lamont.


Legislative Proposals: Sadly, many state legislators believe that fossil fuels must be protected. Your Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter will speak up for the climate and clean air. We will fight against proposals to prop up fossil fuels. And we will fight for clean and renewable energy for residents and communities. 


We can really use your help. Volunteers are needed to write letters, plan meetings, join protests, and educate your communities. Please contact us to volunteer

Samantha Dynowski is State Director of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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