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Legislative Session 2024
Five Weeks to Make a Difference

Ann Gadwah

March 2024

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Image: Sierra Club’s Ann Gadwah at the State Capitol rope line advocating for HB 5004 with State Rep. Melissa Osborne

Greetings! The 2024 Legislative Session ends on May 8, 2024 and the time to act is now! The House and Senate will be convening at a rapid pace between now and then, discussing important issues and voting on various bills. We, as the environmental community in Connecticut, must do all we can to ensure that they pass legislation that will mitigate climate change and reduce pollution, protect public health and ecosystems from dangerous chemicals, and reduce our waste stream. 


There are several actions you can take to support some of our priority legislation that will be coming up for a vote in the coming weeks. 


  • Sign one of our action alerts that will send an email to your legislators asking them to support the following legislation:


HB 5004- Climate Bill              HB 5217- Rodenticides

SB 191- Food Waste Diversion              SB 292- PFAS


  • Call your legislator and tell them to support these top priority bills and why you support them. (Find your legislator here)



The time to act is now. Your voice is needed more than ever to make lasting change that will impact our state for generations to come. We need you, the youth need you, Connecticut needs you, and the planet needs you. 


Onward environmental champion!

Ann Gadwah is Advocacy & Outreach Organizer with a focus on our legislative work at the State Capitol.

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