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Come Together for Energy Efficiency

Leticia Colon de Mejias

There has never been a more opportune moment to collaborate and support Energy Efficiency (EE) as a critical part of our state’s energy, economic, health and environmental goals. Given the midterm election results, the change in our state leadership, our filing of the legal appeal in November, as well as DEEP's renewed interest in cost effective testing as it applies to EE, this plan lays the groundwork to protect and defend energy efficiency in Connecticut.


ALL national and international data suggests that we will not be able to reach our desired outcome of 100% renewable energy or our carbon goals in Connecticut without efficiency.

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Educating our leaders, communities and policy makers is also a key component in achieving this goal through collaborative efforts. Great things happen when people come together for a common goal. There are many local advocates and leaders that would join the fight for energy efficiency as a clean resource in Connecticut if they were educated on the issue.


Energy Efficiency meets multiple state goals, while strengthening our energy stability, reducing the waste of fossil fuels, reducing our state’s energy expenses, increasing our state GSP by one billion dollars annually, generating local taxes, providing local jobs and creating positive health impacts through the reduction of indoor and outdoor health hazards.

Everyone in our beautiful state needs to see the comparisons and the value of energy efficiency. They need to understand the specific EE local outcomes. Connecticut communities and our leaders need to see the facts. EE is much less expensive and more achievable than any other renewable energy costs and outcomes. EE makes our renewable resources reach further, do more and cost less.  Simply put “Efficiency is Efficient.”


Learn more about our work on lowering energy waste, uplifting our communities, protecting ratepayer rights and cost effective testing as it relates to non energy benefits (carbon, health, jobs, economy) at


We filed an Appeal!

In October 2018, a decision was made on the court case aiming to stop the raids on Connecticut’s state Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Funds. Efficiency for All (EFA) and many local support groups and plaintiffs have filed an appeal to reverse U.S. District Court’s decision to deny the request for the $145 million dollars to be returned to those funds. This appeal was filed at the end of November 2018 in the New York circuit court.


Read more about the appeal:


Leticia Colon de Mejias is CEO, Energy Efficiencies Solutions, Inc.


Also see our article The Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Fund Raids in this month’s newsletter.

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