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Chapter Chair Update 

December 2019

Ann Gadwah

Bright Holiday Greetings to all our supporters in Connecticut! As the holiday season is upon us and the cold winter months descend, I begin to think about how lucky we are to be alive right now. We are blessed to live in a time where there is more access to warm homes than ever before and where the quality of living is better than any time in history. I am truly thankful for this.


Unfortunately, this is still not true for everybody. Many people still cannot afford their heating bill. Fossil fuel pollution disproportionately affects lower income communities and people of color. Pollution from transportation emissions is choking our cities and driving childhood asthma rates through the roof. Access to open spaces, including our national and state parks, is grossly unequal across demographic lines. The planet is warming at an alarming rate; it is literally and figuratively on fire. Our modern society is unsustainable and casts a heavy price on our planet and on environmentally vulnerable communities.

As a Sierra Club Connecticut supporter, we hope you are aware of these problems, and invite you to help us make strides to remedy this. Our work in addressing climate change is intrinsically attached to addressing historical injustices and inequities. Issues we advocate for are linked to the greater fight for a fair and equitable society: this includes improving energy efficiency programs, expanding our public transit, electrifying our transportation, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and moving towards clean, renewable energy. Our programs such as Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) help to provide access to the outdoors for many kids that may not have had the resources otherwise. If our conservation campaign to Save Remington Woods succeeds, it would be an enormous boon to the city of Bridgeport, providing much needed outdoor recreation space for the city residents.

Chapter Chair Update December.jpg

So, in this season of thankfulness for all that we have, I sincerely thank you for supporting our  important work. In the spirit of the holidays and goodwill towards all people, I ask you to continue to be generous, kind, charitable, and loving in your own world and in the greater world. We are all in this together, and knowing it makes us incredibly powerful. Together is how we will help remedy past injustices, solve the enormous problems we are facing in the present, and move into an equitable and just future. See you all in 2020.


Ann Gadwah is Chapter Chair and Political Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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