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Daisy Chain

Roger Guilfoyle

Blooming, in our garden, 

decades ago, on the South Fork,

Montauk daisies massed for Autumn


Moving here, with that memory, 

we planted fulsome bushes, awaited

those first white Fall blossoms


Big and green bushes budded

and, as the plants flowered,

 lovely, gentle deer ate them


In another Autumn, decades ago,

Politics and daisies conjoined, an ad, 

a girl, a daisy, a mushroom cloud


An emotional appeal to vote, 

to avoid nuclear holocaust,

the end of life on this planet


Now other flowers, blown 

from our neighbor’s garden 

fenced against deer, rooted


These errant blooms animate

a new conversation, little girls, 

daisies, climate change…

J. Roger Guilfoyle is a Sierra Club member and resident of Connecticut for the last 27 years, with roots going back to Lake Waramaug in the 1950s. He is a design critic, writer, poet, editor, and educator.

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