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There Are Many Ways to Connect
Chapter Chair Update

Susan Eastwood

Dear friends,

One thing that became clear in the last year and a half is that you can’t keep Sierra Club members inside for long! We will find ways to connect and share our love of nature and continue to work for our planet.

It was inspiring to see our state parks and forest trails being used more than ever during the pandemic, giving respite to Connecticut residents during these difficult times. I hope our state leaders take note and fully fund our state parks!


Photo: Lover’s Leap State Park, New Milford, CT

Photo Credit: Flickr Doug Kerr


The Sierra Club welcomes all who share a deep respect for our planet and enjoy the outdoors, and so our Club includes many different kinds of people. We don’t all respond to things in the same way, or to the same things. As the great Sly Stone sang, “different strokes, for different folks!”

I’ve been impressed by the variety of different programs for our members. From nature outings and educational programs to advocacy for transformative climate legislation, and even poetry workshops, there is something for all our members! 

Check out our Events & Outings and see what’s coming up this fall. Personally, I am looking forward to National Drive Electric Week in late September!

The current group of Outings Leaders who are being trained will be bringing a new batch of outings and activities for our members. Please join us as the world reopens! Or sign up to lead outings yourself–there will be another training next month.


This month’s Quinnehtukqut includes articles on our fight to keep fossil fuels in the groundan update on our exciting work to promote zero waste solutions, and a wrap up of the legislative session’s wins and losses. I hope you’ll take a look at the range of articles highlighting our different campaigns and get involved in whatever you feel most drawn to!


Enjoy these long summer days!


Susan Eastwood is Chapter Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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