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How CT Chapter Endorses Candidates

Ann Gadwah


What does the Sierra Club look for to endorse a candidate?  

Both the National and the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club are looking for strong environmental champions to represent the interests of the environmental community at the national, state and local levels. Endorsed candidates have shown a strong support for issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving our wild and natural spaces and transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy as soon as possible.

They have also pledged to protect our most vulnerable communities who are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate disruption and pollution. Our endorsees care greatly about social justice issues. They are evaluated by their responses to our questionnaire and interview. We also refer to their record and involvement in environmental issues. All candidates are encouraged to share their personal experiences and issues that are important to them. To determine which candidates support the tenets of the Sierra Club, we ask each candidate who requests our endorsement to complete a questionnaire compiled by  National and the CT Chapter.


Examples of National Candidate Questions

Will you support full funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and defend its authority to regulate, monitor and enforce strong standards that hold fossil fuel polluters accountable for meeting the requirements of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and other longstanding and proven safeguards to public health, safety, and the environment? YES___NO___


Will you defend existing clean energy incentives and support and promote legislation that will expand investment and deployment of renewable energy projects, a just transition from dirty fuels, and move the U.S. toward a 100% clean energy economy by 2050? YES___NO___

Will you work to protect and expand Americans’ constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote by defending the Voting Rights Act and opposing any policies that restrict voters’ rights and ballot access? YES___NO___


Examples of Connecticut Candidate Questions


Will you work toward passing legislation that stops the use of ratepayer money for the construction of intrastate gas pipelines to connect new consumers with gas in favor of a plan to convert building HVAC  to electricity which can be powered by renewable sources such as wind and solar?  YES _____ NO _____

Will you support a state-wide ban on the transportation and storage of Hydraulic Fracking Waste and work to ensure the chamber you are elected to brings it to a vote in 2019?

YES ______   NO _______


Will you vote to restore the $155 million of redirected funds to the Connecticut energy efficiency fund?  YES _____ NO _____

If elected will you help to create programs to accelerate the electric vehicle market, including rebates, sales tax exemptions, carpool lane access, zero-emission transit buses, utility programs and public charging stations? YES ______ NO______

Could you elaborate on how you would achieve increased funding for these programs?

Do you believe water must be considered a public trust? Why or why not?

Endorsements Continue


The Political Committee continues its work to endorse candidates for the state legislature and for statewide candidates. We have had many wonderful conversations with both new and seasoned candidates and there are many more to come. It is exciting to speak to so many people who are passionate about environmental protection and have amazing ideas they want to take with them to the State House.



Local Endorsements to Date


Raghib Allie-Brennan      2nd House District
Jason Doucette               13th House District
Maria Horn                       64th House District
Alex Larsson                    66th House District
David Lawson                   30th Senate District
Matt Lesser                      9th House District
Amanda Webster             62nd House District

Provided by the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club


Congressional Maps

Of interest to you may be the most current maps of each congressional district in the state as drawn in 2011















Please follow your political committee as we add to our list of endorsed candidates and contact me at if you would like to participate in this work.

Ann Gadwah is Political Committee Chair, CT Chapter Sierra Club

Plot print of Final House Districts 2011
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