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Climate Ride 2022

Dennis Desmarais

May 2022

Since its founding in 2008, thousands of bicycle riders have powered the Climate Ride on their quest to protect our planet and improve lives through sustainability and active transportation. In less than 15 years, participants have raised millions of dollars to donate to environmentally oriented organizations. And since 2017 Sierra Club Connecticut has been officially designated as a Climate Ride beneficiary.


Pedaling for Connecticut

You can support us by joining a Climate Ride, Hike, or Run. We are a Climate Ride Beneficiary which means you can have the trip of a lifetime while doing good for our planet and supporting our work. Climate Ride will help you fundraise and reach out to your friends and family about important issues.


Your support in this time of climate crisis will keep our important mission going. Help our chapter by fundraising, by spreading the word about our important work, or both!


HOW: Go to and register for your event. Once you register, you'll get a fundraising page and an email from a real person who will help you with anything you need.


Couch Support

If spending a couple of days on a bike or out in the woods isn't your thing, you still have another option to support our Chapter through the Climate Ride. Our Chapter Communications Chair, Dennis Desmarais, has signed up for his 12th Climate Ride. Once again he'll be doing what is called an Independent Challenge (rather than one of the organized events). This year his challenge will have him cycling 1,000 miles over just six days.  And more significantly, his Climate Ride fundraising goal this year is $12,000!  Please pedal with him in spirit and support his ride as he fiercely works to help support our chapter. Please consider making a tax deductible donation. 

Dennis Desmarais is the Communications Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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