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Climate Ride Benefits Our Chapter Again

Dennis Desmarais

For the second consecutive year, Sierra Club Connecticut has officially been designated as a Climate Ride Beneficiary. Since its founding in 2008, thousands of riders have powered the Climate Ride on their quest to protect our planet and improve lives through sustainability and active transportation. During these eleven years, participants have raised millions of dollars to donate to environmentally oriented organizations.


Pedaling for Connecticut

The Climate Ride has ten multi-day cycling (and some hiking) charitable events planned this year, ranging from tours of the starkly beautiful dunes of Death Valley to an exploration of the mountains surrounding the Adriatic Sea. Riders of all abilities join the events with little to worry about as they are fully supported by a top-notch support crew and trip leaders. And nearly every ride ends with riders planning to sign up for another event next year. The reason: after spending days surrounded by people committed to making a positive difference for the environment, participants leave energized and eager to take action.


Many people participate in charitable bicycle rides, and here in Connecticut we have at least a handful to choose from. So if you're looking for a new challenge, particularly one that will support the mission of the Sierra Club, consider Climate Ride. If that sounds appealing to you, head over here to sign up for one of this year’s events. When you do sign up, be sure to select the Sierra Club Connecticut as beneficiary for which your efforts will be raising money.


Couch Support

If spending a couple of days on a bike or out in the woods isn't your thing, you still have another option to support our Chapter through the Climate Ride. I've signed up for my eighth Climate Ride. This coming April, I'll be doing what is called an Independent Challenge (rather than one of the ten organized events). I'll be covering over 2,000 kilometers over eight days as I ride from Connecticut to Florida. Every pedal stroke for this ride will support Sierra Club Connecticut, as all of my fundraising efforts support our chapter. Please pedal with me in tandem or in spirit, and support my ride as I work fiercely to help support our chapter. So if you’re not planning to do your own Climate Ride, please consider supporting me on my ride by donating here.  

Dennis Desmarais is Vice Chair, Communications Chair, IT Manager and Secretary, Sierra Club Connecticut.

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