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A Thousand Mile Ride Supports CT Chapter

Dennis Desmarais

The immense feeling of accomplishment lingered with me for days after completing my Independent Challenge on the 2018 Climate Ride. The morning after I returned, I received two additional donations, nudging me past my $8,000 fundraising goal to support the CT Chapter Sierra Club. 


The challenges I faced during my 1,000 mile journey from Detroit to Cape Cod inspired additional donations throughout my ride, so days after I could look back at those exploits and view them as tiny triumphs. But that was in stark contrast to how I felt about them during my daily dose of adversity.


Each day of the five days was filled with a handful of mini crises: tropical downpours; energy sapping head winds (I thought that the wind was supposed to be blowing west to east); temporarily being separated from my passport while in Canada; flat tires and that was just the first day! 

 I was on the verge of throwing in the towel a couple of times each of the first four days. At one point I passed by a car rental center and nearly called it quits. It wasn't until the final day (during a day long monsoon) when self-doubt didn't take hold of me.


Raising money for our chapter doesn't need to be so difficult.  Most people who opt to join the Climate Ride do so by signing up for one of their many organized multi-day events. Riders can expect excellent on-road support, delicious meals, stunning scenery and the companionship of like-minded people on the road.

There are still two great rides remaining this year: one in Nova Scotia and another in Michigan. If you're not quite ready to tackle a multi-day ride, then start your training now as the 2019 rides will be announced later this Fall. And if riding just isn't your thing, then I've got you covered. Starting later this year I'll begin fundraising for our chapter once again for my 2019 Independent Challenge -- a 2,000 km ride from St. Louis to Connecticut!


Dennis Desmarais is Chapter Vice Chair, IT manager, and Secretary of the CT Chapter Sierra Club.

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Photo Credit: Dennis Desmarais

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