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Clean Air at Risk
Legislature Must Act on Clean Cars and Clean Trucks

Samantha Dynowski

February 2024

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States around the region are moving forward with regulations to clean up pollution from cars and trucks. Twelve states and counting (California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, and Virginia) have adopted the Advanced Clean Cars II rule, and nine states (California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) have adopted the Advanced Clean Trucks rule.


Yet, here in Connecticut, legislators have stalled the regulations due to heavy lobbying and a disinformation campaign launched by the fossil fuel industry and their mouthpieces. Send a message to your legislators and urge them to support clean cars and clean truck regulations. 


Transportation pollution is responsible for 38% of greenhouse gas emissions in Connecticut. Trucks are responsible for over 50% of all smog forming NOx pollution and 45% of the diesel soot, also known as fine particulate matter. Reducing pollution from cars and trucks will help clean our air, improve public health, and protect our climate. That’s why adopting the proposed regulations is so important. 


Both the car and truck regulations require auto manufacturers to offer for sale an increasing percentage of new zero-emission vehicles. They do not require anyone to purchase the vehicles. It is up to the manufacturer to make and offer for sale these vehicles.


As shown on the charts below, under the Advanced Clean Cars II regulations, 100% of new cars offered for sale by manufacturers must be 100% zero emission by 2035. It is important to note, this is new vehicles only. Used vehicles, which make up over 74% of vehicles purchased, are not impacted. Neither are cars already on the road. For trucks 40-75% of new truck sales must be zero emission by 2035. 


There’s been a lot of disinformation and drama around these regulations, all brought to us by the fossil fuel industry. Big Oil does not want a transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, and they are working hard to stop these regulations. 

The Sierra Club and other environmental, environmental justice, health, and faith organizations in Connecticut are urging passing of clean car and clean truck regulation. Recently, these two pieces were published in Connecticut news outlets:

Join us in supporting clean air by sending a message to your legislators today!

Samantha Dynowski is State Director of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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