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Ready for 100

The goal of 100% clean renewable energy is getting more real every day. 100% clean renewable energy is now routinely featured in the news as cities and communities around the U.S. commit themselves to reaching this goal. Moving away from dirty fossil fuels and making an equitable just transition to clean renewable energy on a community-wide and state-wide level is possible in the near future.  The Sierra Club #Readyfor100 campaign is challenging cities to step up and commit to 100% clean energy.

The Sierra Club 2018 Case Study Report shows how 10 cities are working to reach 100% clean energy. 100% clean and renewable energy adoption at the community and state level is driven by people like you pressing your leaders for action.  Advocacy by Sierra Club Connecticut members in 2018 contributed to a new law requiring that 40% of Connecticut's energy is generated by clean and renewable sources by 2030. 

Solar & Wind

The Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter is working to ensure solar, wind, and other clean, renewable energy sources replace our current dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Solar in Connecticut: More and more Connecticut residents, businesses and communities are choosing to move away from fossil fuels and to invest in clean, renewable solar power.  As of 2018, Connecticut has over 29,000 solar installations powering almost 63,000 homes. In 2017, the local solar industry included 182 companies employing 2,168 workers.  However, compared to other states, solar accounts for just 1 percent of generation in Connecticut, far lower than nearby states like Vermont (8 percent), Massachusetts (6 percent) and New Jersey (3 percent).  Through EnergizeCT, Connecticut has loans, tax incentives and rebates in place to encourage solar adoption by individuals, businesses and communities.

  • Wind: Wind is a growing part of Connecticut’s energy generation mix. Connecticut has a few inland wind turbines, and in 2018, Connecticut approved its first procurement of offshore wind from Massachusetts expected to begin providing electricity to the state by 2023.  This 200-megawatt project, contracted through Deepwater, now Orsted, will power about 100,000 homes.


Recent successes in Connecticut:

Public Act 18-50 – Passed by the legislature in 2018, Public Act 18-50 requires that by 2030, 40% of Connecticut’s electric supply come from Class 1 renewal energy sources.  Current law as of 2018, set the requirement at 17%. PA 18-50 sets gradual increases in law beginning in 2020.  

Additional reading and more information:

Connecticut Joins the Offshore Wind Rush by Jan Ellen Spiegel, CT Mirror, June 2018

For more information on clean energy efforts, contact

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