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Sierra Club CT Accepting Nominations for Chapter Elections 

Martha Klein

The work of Sierra Club Connecticut is administered by a volunteer Executive Committee, or ExCom. The ExCom supervises our one staff, State Director Sam Dynowski, and manages the activities of the chapter, including political and conservation campaigns, fundraising, and communications. Every Autumn, an election is held for open seats on the ExCom, and all Sierra Club Connecticut members are eligible to vote. The nominating committee accepts nominations for the ExCom from our members; a candidate must be a member in good standing and be engaged in the work of the Connecticut Chapter. The expectation is that a volunteer donate 8 to 10 hours per month to the work of the ExCom, although most of our ExCom leaders contribute more time than that. 


Please send your nomination, which may be yourself, to Nominating Committee Chair Martha Klein, and include the reasons you wish to serve on the ExCom, by September 20, 2019. 

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