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Chapter Assembly

Samantha Dynowski


Three times each year at the Chapter Assembly, Chapter Colloquium and Council of Club Leaders, Sierra Club chapter leaders have the opportunity to gather together to learn from each other and gain new skills and knowledge. “Leaders, Learners and Change Makers” was the theme of the 2019 Assembly that took place June 21 to 24 in Pennsylvania. Angel Serrano and I attended along with 150 other Chapter leaders from around the country.


Over the course of the long weekend, we immersed ourselves in learning about the challenges and opportunities that come with the transformative change that Sierra Club is working towards. Our dirty fuel economy has not only been extractive of our natural resources, it has also been extractive of people; it has contributed to destroying our climate while also disproportionately burdening low-income communities of color. 


Through a variety of presentations, discussions and practice sessions, Angel and I learned about ways to better position Sierra Club Connecticut to do this transformational work. We participated in sessions on implicit bias and data for equity, and growing our knowledge as we seek to create a more equitable and inclusive organization. In digital skills lab, we learned about new online platforms that will help us expand our reach. We heard about the tools and support available to chapters to help achieve legislative goals. Through conversations with our peers in other states, we gleaned ideas for events and programs. 


Our grassroots organizing for change will become more powerful as we as an organization become more inclusive, grow our reach, bring more voices to our table and support the development of new leaders. 


Samantha Dynowski is State Director, Sierra Club Connecticut.

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