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A Note from our Chapter Chair

Susan Eastwood

September 2022

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I hope you had a smooth transition into the business of Fall and are getting outside to enjoy these cool, sunny days! The leaves are beginning to turn as I write this in late September,  mostly reds so far, but it’s looking like it will be a lovely autumn!

Sierra Club Connecticut is sponsoring several great events which may give you an excuse to get out, to learn about, and appreciate our environment.

Many of us are armchair environmentalists, too! By that, I don’t mean that we don’t get outdoors, or that we don’t act to defend our environment, but simply that we enjoy reading and learning about our natural world as well. As Richard Peck said, “When I read a good book, it’s like traveling the world without ever leaving my chair.”

I’ve been enjoying the All We Can Save compilation of essays by 63 women environmentalists, reading along with several other Sierra Club members in the Book Club. If you missed it, you don’t have to miss the book! Learn more in Nannette Trinkaus’s review in this issue.

Another great nature writer is Edwin Way Teale, a well-known and influential author of 27 original books on natural history, science, and photography, who made his home in Hampton, CT. The Trail Wood Sanctuary preserves the home of Teale and his wife Nellie, and offers trails, events and even a chance to spend time writing in the very cabin Teale used to write ten of his best known books! These include his 1966 Pulitzer Prize winner, Wandering Through Winter—the first natural history text to win a Pulitzer during the twentieth century, as well as A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm and A Walk Through the Year, which feature Trail Wood as their subject.

Sierra Club Connecticut will have an outing to Trail Wood on Saturday, October 15, 10am to 12pm  (rain date 10/16) which will feature a talk about Teale and Nellie and a walk in the woods. Here’s hoping the fall foliage is near peak on that weekend!


On Saturday, October 29, join Sierra Club staff Alycia Jenkins for a “Haunted Hartford” urban outing, walking in the footsteps of Hartford born 19th century African American Author, Ann Plato. 

There are also tabling opportunities and actions around the state – check our Events & Outings for details.


Up for some armchair biking? Check out the report from Dennis Desmarais on his recent Climate Ride! Dennis has raised impressive funds to support our work by biking hundreds of miles across New England! Thank you, Dennis!

Wander farther with Ann Gadwah’s article on the Arctic and learn about the connection with Hartford and Sierra Club’s work to stop arctic drilling.

Whether out in the woods or cozy in your favorite chair, I wish you happy wandering! 


Susan, your armchair Chair

Susan Eastwood is Chapter Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut.

Voting is on the Ballot this November

Election Day is November 8th !
This year, there will be a ballot measure to allow for early voting in our state. Be sure to look on both
sides of the ballot to be sure not to miss it!

Along with choosing our elected officials, we will be voting on the Connecticut Allow for Early Voting

The amendment would amend the Connecticut State Constitution to allow the Connecticut General
Assembly to pass laws to provide for early in-person voting. Currently, the state constitution does not
allow for early voting, one of only five states that do not allow for early voting in some form. 1


The ballot will read:

Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early








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