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Chapter Chair Update - Positive Vision

March 2020

Ann Gadwah

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision” - The Dalai Lama


The Dalai Lama has it right. To create positive change and to create positive actions that will lead us to an equitable, just, and sustainable future, we need a positive vision. 


What is your vision for the future of Connecticut?


I know what mine is: I picture a Connecticut of the future having clean air and clean water; a Connecticut that is powered on clean, renewable energy, where fossil fuels and their pollution are a thing of the past. I picture Connecticut with an amazing public transportation system, where it is just as easy to ride a train or bus, to ride your bike or walk to work, as it is to drive a car; a Connecticut that has good high paying jobs in the industries of the future. I see Connecticut with wide open spaces where all people can enjoy the outdoors and be close to nature; an equitable and just Connecticut, where access to quality air, water, education, and opportunity are not based on zip code. 


So how do we get there? 

Sierra Club Connecticut is working hard every day to ensure this vision comes to fruition. We are working at the State Capitol to pass good environmental legislation, including a Green New Deal for Connecticut. Join us in support of a Green New Deal! See a list of all the bills we are following here. We are advocating for the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a multi-state coalition that encourages reduction of transportation emissions and rewards those states that do. Check out the framework here. Our Ready for 100 campaign is working to get our cities and towns to commit to clean and renewable energy. Our Beyond Gas campaign is working diligently to stop all expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, particularly the fracked gas powered Killingly Energy Center. Sign the petition! We are working on expanding our outings program to get more people outdoors. You can also read more about our vision for Connecticut and the Chapter in our Strategic Plan. 

We are so fortunate to have some great allies on our side that share this vision. The Hartford Sustainability Office is running an Energy Equity Challenge with a goal to reduce energy use, to ensure that all residents, including renters, take advantage of free resources to improve properties, and to support local neighborhoods. Find more information about it here. The Sunrise Movement held a Youth Lobby Day on February 10th, with inspirational speakers and a packed room of students, ready to speak with their representatives about their environmental priorities. You can check out a video of the speakers on our Facebook page


So again, I ask the question: what’s your vision for Connecticut? If you share ours, join us and together we will create a healthy, sustainable, equitable, and prosperous place to live and thrive for all. 


Ann Gadwah is Chapter Chair and Political Chair of Sierra Club Connecticut.

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Photo: Chapter Chair, Ann Gadwah and State Director, Samantha Dynowski at the Wild and Scenic event.

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